The Best Things in Life are Free

It’s sad to think that no matter what we do, it seems like we are fighting a losing battle. Our district has worked hard to tighten its’ belt over the past two years. The drop in property values and the loss of business revenues have hurt terribly. We have cut staff, reorganized buildings and we are still looking for ways to cut corners. It has been announced that the state is also planning to make cuts again. Now our student transportation system is threatened. Family’s depend on our busses to make sure their children arrive at school safely and on time. It is going to create many hardships on our parents, students and the district as a whole, if these cuts are severe as expected. As a district that is held harmless, we will not be seeing any increase in revenue from the state for several years. However, we certainly can’t afford to lose any more.

Now is the time for everyone to contact their state representatives and the governor’s office to let them know that we do not want them cutting the school transportation budget. We need your help. Only by contacting those making these decisions, can we hope for relief.

The state does have a shortage as well, but our children’s education and safety are the most important things to us.


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