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Veteran’s Day Remembered

Today is Veteran’s Day.  There are so many things that we have to be grateful for in our country.  Since our country began, our men and women have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we have today.  My father fought in WWII.  My grandfather and my uncles all fought in the wars, experiencing the nightmares that never go away.  They did their duty, all fought in the name of freedom.  Even though they did not occur on American soil,  it does not take away from their sacrifices.  In fact, it means more.  Not only did they fight for our fundamental freedoms, but also for those people of other countries whose freedoms were under attack.  Let us not forget that without them, our lives would be much different.  We would not be as strong and safe as we are today.  This world is a scary place and they have seen it first hand.  Those of us who stayed behind will never fully understand the horrors of war.  Whether they served in one of our World Wars to end all wars, the Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Iran, or any of the many, many fronts, our people have fought for us and continue.   I also want to thank the family members of our fighting men and women, who deal with their absence everyday.  You are not forgotten.

On this Veteran’s Day,  take a moment to thank our veterans for their sacrifices and remember those who never came home to us.  Today, November 11, 2010, I would like to wish them all a peaceful Veteran’s Day.  Thank you for your service.

Debbie Aiman


November 2 Election Results

Today people are heading to the polls.  ‘There has been a lot of negative talk this year.  You would think people would tire of it.  The television ads have been the worst ones yet.  So many things were taken out of context in an attempt to demean a person’s record.  I was surprised to see the number of bills a senator votes on.  There are hundreds of bills that pass before them.   Many have attachments to them to help them pass.  Perhaps there is something the people they are representing feel strongly about.  They may vote for or against something even though there is an addition that will come back to haunt them.  It is not cut and dry.  Politicians know they are not going to make everyone happy.  All they can do is try.  Being on the Hickman Mills School Board is so small by comparison, yet it is difficult for people to understand the complexity of how the system works. 

No matter who wins the elections today, let’s have a little faith that those who voted for them believe that person will do the best job they possibly can.  It is time for our country to come together to solve our problems.  A country divided will falter, where one united will conquer their trials.  Once the results are in, please be supportive.  Our election process is what makes America unique.  Let’s give them a chance.  The one thing we can say is, “Congratulations and good luck.”  They are going to need it.