The Best Things in Life are Free

I am a member of the Hickman Mills School Board.  At the September board meeting, a contract for a reading consultant was placed in the consent agenda.  I requested that it be pulled.   A person, not identified with any company, had been selected as a reading consultant at a cost of $1000 a day for a maximum of four days.  This person was selected due to experience in reading instruction at the high school level.   However, supporting information was not provided. 

My concern…..Why were we bringing in a person at $1000 a day?  Why were we not looking at the experience of our own personnel to address concerns?  Why was the board not provided a description or bio of this person’s qualifications?   The superintendent assured us that the information would be forthcoming.  Instead of waiting to vote on the issue, the board proceeded.  It was approved five to one.  I voted against it.  Mr. Anderson was not on the board at that time.  Bonnaye Mims, April Cushing, Darryll Curls, J.T. Brown and George Flesher voted to accept the superintendent’s recommendation and approved the contract. 

We were never told why this consultant was worth $1000 a day.  Three weeks following the board meeting, we received the requested information.  Some of the information provided should have been discussed by the board.  Now that it’s over, it will never be discussed again.  I am a member of the Hickman Mills School Board and we need to be held accountable for our decisions.  As far as understanding the actions of the board, they don’t make sense.


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